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   "Welcome to my tangled web" said the spider to the fly. Once again I am in the process of recreating this web. I now have a new domain name.

   Sorry for the Delay but as for now this site is still under reconstruction. Please feel free to send me an E-Mail if there is something that use to be here that is not here now, or if you think that I am moving too slow to making this web look and function better.

There are many great Poems here. Some are mine and some are not. There is even a Submission form for you to submit some of your own poetry. Keep in mind the genre of the site and the fact that even if your poetry is the best in the world, I still have to like it for it to show up here. I pretty flexible and I love to see something new. So go ahead, submit one, I will send you an e-mail before I use your poem(s) so please don't forget to include that in the form.

  Popular Area's include:

  Poetic Despair Go here to read Poetry by me and other talented authors
Dark Side of Despair Here we have great gothic art and some quick mythology lessons. (soon to be expanded on) Also a complete dos manual if you need to find a command that you just cannot remember anymore. Also Password restricted areas for Despair Web members.







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