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  •         Yea though I enter into despair I fear no evil.  For evil is all around.  My plague is mankind and my malady is their indifference.  To walk among them is to be invisible.  Each day  passing millions to see them all and to never be seen. So the soul of mankind ignores who I am and my presence among them.  Everyday I make it easier and easier to fade into the darkening abyss.  More and more I retreat into the ever darkening solitude.  Sweet blacking depth of hell I welcome you into my arms, into my heart. Take from me the knowledge of my DESPAIR.

  •         Do you find me strange.  I tell you no.   I am estranged.  Estranged from the life that you all hold dear.  Held at bay from living in the word.  Cast out away from what the world takes for granted.   So now I welcome you into my reality.  My Reality of Hellish solitude and despair. Devoid of the smiles and caresses of love.

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