"Wind and Rain"

There's a storm on the horizon,Dark clouds gather above
On the earth beneath this scene, Are two lovers making love.
Embraced in each others arms Sinful lusts are often bred
In the heat of fiery passion Innocence itself is shed
His mind is clouded overlooking into her eyes so intense
As the swelling clouds above,Break open and heavy rains presents
The lovers heed no notice To the coldness of drops that gleam
For as they hit their passion They dissipate to steam
Their bodies move together In a rhythmic melodious rhyme
The ecstasy they feel tonight Will not be erased by time
Such a forbidden dance To a distant height they fly
Into the cold of night And the freedom of the sky
Her nails are down his back His stomach against her hips
Her back is in an arch His neck against her lips
His heart is being stretched With overwhelming love for she
A moan escapes her lips Calling out the name of he
The pain felt by both(just her loss of youth)
His heart is in shambles His mind is uncouth
Despite the tear on cheek And the smile upon her face
She urges him to go on And quickens up the pace
The bite of wind is still Against the howl of rain
She gives up her soul To him and euphoric pain
Remaining coupled there Even through the storm
Their body heat exchanges Keeping the other warm
Mammalian smells enrapture And weave on through the night
Continually keeps them soaring Up to a cosmic height
The trip of passion ended The wind and rain at play
Together in each other's arms They forever want to stay
But all good things must end As they slowly drift apart
Remembering they'd always being a part of each others hearts
Those memories can't be taken away Knowing they'd once been together
And in that same instant Had felt of that heavenly pleasure
They'd loved with a love that was more than love
And can never ever forget Those special feelings of love they'd felt
In the instant that they'd met.

By: Shannon Joy Dougherty




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