Will You Heal My Pain

My only possession
is my soul in physical form
it rests in my hands
I look down upon it
it beats softly..rhythmically
despite the many wounds
that I have caused it
I can see the faint lines of old scars
beginning to reappear
some so new they have not yet begun to bleed
I keep looking down at my treasure
it has taught me about life
the soul that beats within it
itself is older than the waves
yet it keeps going
despite the hurt it has
is always looking with open eyes
and plucking out the pain
it covers its anguish well
but not enough to hide
the sorrow forever
and especially not enough
to ignore the need for love
This warm beating object I hold
my soul in physical form
is the only thing I have
to place into your hands
yet I do not know if you would like it
top be given such a worn and wounded heart
But, please, please take it
for I believe in both our hands
it can heal
Give me your hands
place them on my soul
help give it the love
it has thought nonexistent in life
...help me heal its pain..

                                                                                By: Shannon Joy Dougherty



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