Who Is He

As he sits and waits none knows his pain
Forever he is forced to see but never gain

In this world he will always be alone
In this world he will have no love of his own

What is it that they hate in him
Why must this outlook always be grim

Should he call to them in deep sobbing pleas
Should he drop down and beg from his knees

How to live with so much grief
To carry this burden with no relief

Why did they do this how did they dare
They have no conscience they do not care

Yet forever he returns to be stricken
Never withdrawing never flinching

As the days move on to the end
One day his life shall begin

He awaits his perfect love
The sign of the dove

For it is the peace that he shall seek
That will be his alone to keep

In all the world he has but one goal
To find that one lost soul

The one to match his own
Where it is he has never know

And as he looks in the mirror to see
I notice that this he…. This he is ME.

Thomas Simmons                               
Friday, July 19, 2002         





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