Thoughts and Dreams

I have Met you but once and you still occupy my thoughts.
As I sit in bed and drift to sleep You are in my dreams.
Your face is burned deep within my being
        and your Kind love torn soul pounds within my heart.
Thoughts and Dreams, you have them both.

The passion with which you speak tears open my walls and conquers my soul.
These walls I have built to protect me from the pain and destruction of rejection.
Yet with you compassion and love they crumble to ash as I stand helpless to your whim.
My soul stood strong and resolute as I prepared for the torture of the uncaring.
Yet your love step close and my long desperate solitude seem to come to an end.

Longing for your words, I live in terror that you will never return.
The solitude threatens to surround me.
Yet the thought of your love strengthens me against all.
To be yours is to be forever happy.

Yet your beauty has taken my thoughts and dreams.
Your face shows sorrow that I wish to heal..
Your Soul shows pain that I wish to take away.
Your heart shows a void that I wish to fill.
These are my Thoughts and Dreams.

To have you as mine and to give myself to you is all that I desire.
Please step to me, so I can feel your sorrow and remove it.
Please move close so I can see your emptiness and I can fill it.
Please hold out your arms so that I might embrace you,
        and allow my soul to be with yours.
But for now all I have are Thoughts and Dreams.

By Thomas E. Simmons May 11, 1997



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