As he walks through this world his eyes drift aimlessly
Some people greet him with smiles others meet him with hatred
Still through it all his solitude echoes him
With every step he encounters yet another uncaring soul
With every hand reached out in compassion her touches rejection
Yet still he moves on in his solace among millions
Truth and love are what he seeks.
Both elude him around every corner of the world
He asks for nothing and in return he receives it
His desires are great and small
Simple yet demanding
To love, to be loved, to live in truth
Without truth there can never be true love
Yet with truth there will always be love

Again he moves forward and again he thrust backward by the uncaring,
The uncaring of a world devoid of love and truth
The very things that his simple existence hope and strive and dream for
Who is he
What are his needs
What is his name



Thomas  Simmons 9/22/97 6:11:36 PM



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