Can You Hear The Pain

Can you hear the pain

The Pain of a lonely heart seeking compassion

Can you hear the pain

The pain of a single voice crying into the night

Can you hear the pain

The pain of solitude

The solitude of a lone soul wishing for happiness

The solitude of the heart without any compassion held toward it

Can you hear the pain

The agonized being tortured by its exile

The separation from all the world and passion of life

The solitude that is imposed upon the heart that loves

Too deep and is punished by uncaring

Listen, Listen for the Pain

Seek to remove it from those so unfortunate

Listen, Listen deeply for that which has lived in death

The death of solitude within the millions

The pain comes so harsh to those who hear,

And feel with depth and compassion

Yet, you must listen closely

For only those who listen with their heart

Can Begin to Hear The Pain

By: Thomas E. Simmons II July 16, 1996

I am tying something New. You will need a MP3 player like WinAmp. I have Recorded My poem and if you want to hear it you will have to download it and play it. Using your RIGHT mouse botton click  HERE and choose save as.



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