My Love

Life and it's void have filled me with despair
Solitude is Known too well
As you appear to me the vacuum of loneliness is gone
Your words caress me and I am awaken into a new world
The passion and depth of your understanding is unlimited
Each day I wait for your kindness and gentle love
I know not what to do or say
My words are totally inadequate
Your kind and gentle soul are more than I could have ever imagined
For you I will do anything
To show you my love is my only wish
As you listen to my sorrow your compassion is overwhelming
I have but one fear, The fear that my pain will drive you away.
All that I want do is hold you and show my love for you
My Love, Remember this
I am always here and will always love you
and For all you have awaken within me
Shannon I love you.

By Thomas E Simmons II




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