Giving and forgiving they go on day to day

Offering advice whether you want it or not

Every day they sacrifice themselves

For love is there driving thought they think not of themselves

Yet of their children they do and give all

The children not uncaring yet unobservant

For as children often think, that is what mothers are suppose to do

Although there are no rules Mothers Give and Forgive the lack of Gratitude

If they are remembered or given thanks for their service

always they remark that this was nothing and go on in silent service

In all my life I have met no Woman or Man like her

Mother always gives and asks for nothing in return

The wonder and intelligence of her grows each day

For the many years of neglect and lost youth I am eternally grateful

For without her in My life the world would be overwhelming

If home is where the heart is my heart will always lie with you

Mom for all the times I neglected to say thanks

And all the times you retrieved me from harms way

Let no one tell you that you were wrong or could have done better

Let no one tell you that someone else could raised me to be who I am

And there is no one else I would rather be than me

Without you I could not be who I am

For this and all I cannot remember

My love and my heart will always be with you

Your Loving Son Tommy                             
Thomas E. Simmons II Wednesday, February 05, 1997




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