365 Days

Sometimes I cry at night, when no one is around,
weeping softly to myself, hardly making a sound.
I cry for all the pain I never knew was there,
and for not having someone to hold me, letting me know they care,

I lay awake and stare, out at a cold and windy sky,
wishing to be free, not knowing how to fly.
I think of times long gone, and a voice I'd use to sing,
to make life seem a fog, that the pain was just a dream.
Sometimes I actually believe, that I should just forget the past,
and linger on the good times, to always make them last.
Then I remember the pain, as tears roll down my cheeks,
thinking about things I hadn't thought about in weeks,
I try to draw the portrait of this fear of life I feel,
To get it all out, but my pain is too real.
So I lay there in the dark, and I let my tears dry,
saving them for the one, on who's shoulder I can cry.

By: Shannon Joy Dougherty




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