Vampire Lore
Vampire Facts
There are may things about vampires that people accept as fact. One is that vampires are
at their height of power during the hours after dusk. From dusk till dawn there power is at its peak. However during the daylight hours there supernatural strength and powers are at that and less of your typical mortal. Yet they are not helpless. It is true that vampires have the ability to create ghouls. This creatures feast upon their masters blood and acquire an addiction to the intoxication and power that they are granted through this unholy union. These half undead half living souls are torn between the two worlds never truly being able to enjoy the pleasures of the living or the powers of the undead. These Blood Bound servants protect their masters with devout loyalty that forgoes reason. They will go so far as to give their lives for the safety of the one that binds them. As well as this the vampires still retain their natural powers of persuasion. This ability is weaker during the daytime but not vanished. 
Vampire Fiction
Vampires have been saddled with myth so long we no longer seem to be able to tell fact from fiction. Vampire's have particular aversion to crosses or any other holy symbol any more than any other religion hating individual. There is even a legend that states that a vampire cannot cross running water. This is one of the most preposterous myths of all. Other wise all the vampires would be trapped in some small European country killing each other off. Yet another misconception is that to kill a vampire all you need to do is drive a stake through their heart. This too is false. This only immobilizes them and makes them easier to kill. Once the stake is removed the vampire regains mobility and begins to look for fresh blood to feast upon. Also it is thought that Vampires can only sustain themselves on Human blood, this also is false. They can sustain themselves on the blood of any animal. Human blood however provides more substance for that of which they crave and thus they need to feed less often.
Realms In Between
The Realms in Between are the area where fact and fiction are blurred through time and lore. This begins with the legendary ability of vampires to change form into bats and wolves. This is an ability that only the inner circle of vampire society are truly aware of. If it is fact or fiction it is not for us to know. Most likely if you ever get a chance to find out you are one of the unholy brood or soon to be their feast. There are many other legends of abilities to misplace their heart making it harder to stop them and there abilities to call upon minions of undead to bidding. The ability to call souls from there graves for just a night. There are many other powers that fall into the realm and which are too lengthy to discuss.